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If you're a fan of Apple products then today is your lucky day. Amazon is offering Apple's MacBook Air with a significant discounts. There also some well priced TVs you can buy to get ready for next week's big football game.

Apple MacBook Air Intel Core i5 13-Inch Laptop w/ 8GB RAM and 128GB SSD ($899.99)

Apple's MacBook Air was designed to be exceptionally lightweight at 2.75 pounds. It also has a high-quality 2560×1600 display, and Apple built the system out of durable 6000 series aluminum. If you would like to buy one of these systems with [...]

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The Standard Model of particle physics has led scientists to many important discoveries, but this framework has strained under the weight of recent discoveries. It can't explain the observed amount of dark matter in the universe, the Higgs mechanism, or gravity as described by general relativity. Now, scientists are puzzling over a phenomenon that seems to blow an even bigger hole in the Standard Model. Highly sensitive instruments in Antarctica have been detecting extremely energetic particles emerging from the icy surface, and the Standard Model says that shouldn't happen.

It is notoriously difficult to detect neutrinos [...]

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Sonos' CEO has issued a statement in an attempt to clarify an earlier controversial announcement. This week, the smart speaker manufacturer Sonos announced that May 2020 would mark the end of free updates and upgrades for certain older products. Customers who wished to continue using those products are free to do so — but if you have any newer Sonos products in your sound system network, there's a catch. After May 2020, you'll either have to forgo all future updates for your newer Sonos hardware or create two separate networks, one for legacy devices and one for your newer speakers.

To [...]

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Deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) molecule, illustration.

DNA testing used to be prohibitively expensive for the average consumer, but companies like 23andMe have made DNA testing kits an impulse buy. After enjoying years of modest growth, 23andMe has seen its sales drop in recent quarters. CEO Anne Wojcicki confirms the company is laying off 100 people, or about 14 percent of its workforce. She speculates privacy concerns are the driving force behind the company's declining sales.

Wojcicki says she's been surprised by the downward trend, but the company is committed to making changes to fit the market. This round of job cuts [...]

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If you want to get a job in IT, go where the jobs are. That means taking particular care to bolster your learning in areas where employers are searching — and, in some cases, desperately searching — for qualified candidates.

The Complete 2020 IT Certification Exam Prep Mega Bundle ($39, over 90 percent off) is a one-stop collection of coursework that can help you get familiar, then become an expert in some of the tech industry's most popular systems and environments.

The collection features nine courses packed with over 1,000 lessons and more than [...]

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