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The Pixel 3a will be one of the first phones to get Android 11.

The COVID-19 pandemic has thrown many businesses into disarray, and Google has been particularly hard hit. It had to delay the Pixel 4a launch, and it's not even certain that phone will come out at all. Google also canceled its I/O conference this year, forcing it to use videos to get the word out to developers about Android 11's upcoming features. One of those videos seems to have let slip Google's release plans, too. According to Google itself, Android 11 will launch on September 8th. [...]

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Back in the 90s, it felt like full-on virtual reality, with images so lifelike you could reach out and touch them, were just a few short years away. However, technology doesn't always follow a straight line. As it turns out, the development of cutting edge experiences as well as a practical application for all that work has kept VR and also augmented reality projects a niche area for years.

Strangely enough, between games like Pokemon Go and retailers like Amazon and IKEA integrating it into the shopping experience, it's actually been AR in recent years that's starting to take off. So [...]

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Curiosity has been on Mars since 2012 and exploring Mount Sharp since 2014. While the rover has long since exceeded its design life, NASA isn't taking any chances with its only active Mars rover, particularly when the Perseverance launch has been pushed back again. To reach the next section of Mount Sharp, Curiosity is setting off on a summer road trip that will avoid a dangerous sand trap.

Curiosity began on the floor of Gale Crater, which it explored for two years before beginning its climb up the side of Mount Sharp. That's the central peak within [...]

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AMD's new Ryzen 5 3600XT, Ryzen 7 3800XT, and Ryzen 9 3900XT are more of a victory lap for the company than a brand-new CPU stack. These three chips aren't intended to replace hardware already on the market — they're intended to cement and emphasize AMD's overall desktop performance leadership.

Let's meet the family:

The 3800XT offers the largest performance boost, at plus 200MHz boost, but the gains here are fairly small. AMD has also stripped the cooler out of the packaging for reasons unknown, and that hurts the overall value proposition. AMD's Wraith coolers may not be top-notch, but they [...]

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There's news out that Apple isn't just going to be getting rid of Intel silicon — it's supposedly going to be pushing GPUs out of its products as well. That read is based on a slide Apple passed around at WWDC that lays the whole thing out pretty clearly:

The future will be very interesting. macOS arm64 according to Apple removes support for AMD GPUs too, Apple GPUs all the way.

— Longhorn (@never_released) July 6, 2020

Image by Longhorn

At first glance, that looks like an open and shut case. Apple Silicon Macs will have Apple GPUs, [...]

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"Immunity can be incomplete... it can last for just a short time and then disappear."

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Amid pandemic, U.S. policy could force some students back on campus [...]
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Hope mission will gather sorely needed data on the martian atmosphere, boost Emirati space science [...]
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Vitamin and antiviral drugs appear to clear AIDS virus, but it could still be hiding out in tissue reservoirs [...]
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