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Sony PSVR 2 patent

Leaks and patents have strongly hinted that Sony's PS5 console may be accompanied by an improved PSVR 2 headset, either at launch or later. Now, a new patent just made public suggests the headset could track eye movement and head motion.

Image credit: Sony/USPTO

What will that do for VR? According to one Sony Interactive Entertainment patent (image above), it will enhance immersion by refining what each eye sees – aka "parallax images" – for improved stereoscopic depth. Sony is also developing tech to keep those images relative when you rotate or tilt your head.

But, there are other [...]

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Adobe Dreamweaver CC

As with any great endeavor, web design is about both inspiration and perseverance. Back in the day, creating web pages was the sole province of hardcore coders, but that's not the case anymore given that there are numerous tools to simplify the process. Some of these even have a visual interface, allowing you to drag and drop links, text and images as if you were designing a poster or presentation.

Other web design tools are geared towards programmers, acting as advanced text editors, and allowing for building a website line-by-line. However, most web design tools exist somewhere between these two extremes.

In [...]

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A photobook from Mixbook

Smartphones have revolutionised photography in so many ways. But one of the negatives of having all your photos in your pocket is that they become disposable. When was the last time you memorialised an important family event or vacation of a lifetime photo in a photo album?

Photo books allow you to distil your myriad photos down to just the best and have them immortalised in print, all laid out in a beautiful book for you to enjoy with your family and friends.

On many photo book sites you can even design the product yourself, and they're not only brilliant for immortalising [...]

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Apple's iPhone XR

According to a new report, iPhone loyalty is dropping rapidly as consumers trade in their Apple products and move to other devices. The news is a further potential blow to Apple as the smartphone market slumps and its devices continue to underperform.

A new report from BankMyCell claims that after tracking about 38,000 users since October 2018, iPhone retention has fallen by 15.2 percent compared with March 2018. 26 percent of BankMyCell users reported planning to move to another brand, while just 7.7 percent of Samsung Galaxy S9 buyers planning to move to an iPhone.

According [...]

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Kingston's new KC2000 series SSDs were designed to tackle the high-end consumer SSD market. With capacities available up to 2TB in size and read/write speeds as high as 3,200/2,200MB/s, this drive has the potential to play a major role in the SSD market. But so far, the drives are off to a rough start.


Kingston's KC2000 SSDs use 96-layer 3D TLC Kingston NAND that connects to an SMI 2262EN controller. This controller features Silicon Motion's NANDXtend ECC technology, which helps to keep data secure by preventing read/write errors. The drive also supports 256-bit [...]

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Udemy Generic 728x90

Who knew that's even possible?

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The goal is "symbiosis with artificial intelligence".

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Finding challenges when complex hierarchies arose in great apes [...]
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Concern about spread in and from the Democratic Republic of the Congo propelled response [...]
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