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The unparalleled success of SpaceX’s Falcon 9 rocket has helped Elon Musk’s aerospace firm deploy a megaconstellation of Starlink satellites in just a few years. The service has been available to consumers for several years, and speeds were impressive at launch, but it’s slowing down as more users get on the network. SpaceX’s solution was to implement a 1TB data cap. They were supposed to go into effect this month, but customers have gotten a short reprieve.

According to an update on SpaceX’s website, the “Fair Use” policy will now go into effect in February 2023. Previously, Starlink said [...]

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(Photo: Tesla)Last week marked a special occasion for Tesla. Five years after announcing the development of its all-electric Semi trucks, the automaker finally delivered its first batch to PepsiCo—three years later than it was originally supposed to.

CEO Elon Musk hosted a celebratory event at Tesla’s Nevada “Gigafactory” on Thursday. The event, which was streamed live via Twitter, allowed a select group of shareholders to view the company’s first production electric Semis in person. Pepsi representatives were present to receive the keys to the company’s first few units, some of which had Pepsi and FritoLay graphics on the tractor [...]

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Credit: Gilles San Martin/CC BY-SA 2.0

Myotis daubentonii. (Credit: Gilles San Martin/CC BY-SA 2.0)Bats and death metal singers don’t just share a dark and edgy vibe—they also share vocalization techniques. According to a new study, bats engage their “voice boxes” much like death metal artists do to create growl-like sounds.

Bats are perhaps the most recognizable echolocators, or creatures that use reflected sound waves to understand the world around them. Most people know bats use chirps and clicks to echolocate, but some bats also employ their vast, seven-octave vocal range to growl. Despite these growls’ vital role in navigation and communication, scientists [...]

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Apple headset render via Antonio DeRosa

(Photo: Apple headset render via Antonio DeRosa)Apple seems to be getting close to the launch of its much-hyped AR/VR headset, as it’s reportedly settled on a name for the operating system. Noted Apple soothsayer Mark Gurman is reporting it’s going to be xrOS. This is shorthand for “extended reality,” as opposed to strictly augmented reality (AR) or virtual reality (VR). Previously it was believed to be called realityOS, but Apple has allegedly ditched that for a shorter name, the report said. (The Bloomberg article is paywalled and was summarized by MacRumors.)

The device will [...]

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The Mars of the past was very different from the one NASA’s Viking 1 lander found when it made history as the first lander on the Red Planet in 1976. A new study suggests that Viking 1 landed at the margins of a megatsunami deposit from the planet’s earlier, wetter phase. Researchers say they have found the remains of a crater left 3.4 billion years ago when an asteroid impacted. It was this, they say, that produced a 250-meter wall of water that washed over the landscape and altered Viking 1’s landing zone.

When planning the Viking 1 landing, NASA [...]

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Lackluster growth in federal spending squeezes research community [...]
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Climate change and pandemic may be fueling outbreaks [...]
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Ancient DNA from German cemetery suggests timing of population bottleneck for today’s largest Jewish group [...]
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Specimen flips evolutionary order of two key groups [...]
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